How To Make CWM/TWRP Recovery For One Plus Two/OnePlus 2

OnePlus Finally released their new flagship OnePlus two/OnePlus 2.And really its a great phone.And many people already brought this phone.Many people already searching for CWM/TWRP custom recovery for this awesome phone.Every advanced android user must love CWM/TWRP  recovery for their phone.Cause its really essential for your phone.

How To Make CWM/TWRP Recovery For One Plus Two/OnePlus 2

How To Make CWM/TWRP Recovery For One Plus Two/OnePlus 2

So here i described about how to make CWM/TWRP custom recovery for OnePlus two/OnePlus 2. And how to unlock the bootloader.

There are three step you need to follow:

1.Unlock the bootloader for OnePlus two/ OnePlus 2.

2.Installing TWRP custom recovery for OnePlus two/ OnePlus 2.

3.Rooting your OnePlus two/OnePlus 2.

Disclaimer : I am not responsible if you brick your phone or if u make any other damage to your phone

First you need to Unlock the Bootloader OnePlus two/ OnePlus 2.

  1. Download the ADB and Fastboot Files –CLICK HERE 

Note: Make a backup of your phone before Unlocking Bootloader.Cause Unlocking Bootloader will erase all your data.

  1. Power off your phone andPressPower + Volume Up to boot your phone in fastboot mode.
  2. Now Connect your phone to your PC using your phones USB Cable.
  3. Extract the Adb And filewhich udownloaded in step 1 using WinZip or WinRaR and open the file named ” OPEN ” 

    5. A command prompt window will open , Enter the command  ” fastboot devices ” without quotes. In response you will see your device serial number.
  4. How To Make CWM/TWRP Recovery For One Plus Two/OnePlus 2
    How To Make CWM/TWRP Recovery For One Plus Two/OnePlus 2

Note :- If you do not see any device serial number , then u don’t have proper drivers installed. Install ADB Drivers from here – Universal Windows ADB Driver

  1. If you see your device serial number , enter the following command ” fastboot oem unlock ” , without quotes , thisprocess  unlock yourOnePlus two/OnePlus 2 bootloader ,  your device might boot up , let it boot completely.
  2. Now turn off your phone , and again connect it in fastboot mode –PressPower + Volume Up to enter fastboot mode and enter this command ” fastboot oem device-info ” without quotes , you will couple of lines with flag set True , it means your device has been unlocked.Congratulation.

The next part is to Install Custom Recovery in your OnePlus two/ OnePlus 2.

Now your Bootloader is unlocked and you can install custom recovery for your OnePlus two/OnePlus 2.

Download TWRP recovery file for OnePlus two/OnePlus 2 from here TWRP.img

  1. Copy the twrp.img file to theADB And Fastboot folder and run the following command ” fastboot flash recovery twrp.img ” without quotes.
  2. After the flashing is successful , enter the following command ” fastboot reboot ” , without quotes. Now you can disconnect the cable from your phone.

Rooting your OnePlus two/OnePlus 2

Now the final part Rooting your OnePlus 2

1. First Download – LINK

2. Copy it your internal storage of your OnePlus two/OnePlus 2.

3. Power off your phone and Press Power + Volume Down to enter into TWRP recovery

4. Now select Install and select the which u copied , finally flash the file and now you can reboot your phone and enjoy your OnePlus two/Oneplus 2 root with Custom TWRP Recovery.

If you have any concern feel free to comment under the comment box. Thanks.