Samsung announced their new upcoming flagship Samsung Galaxy S7

Upcoming Samsung galaxy S7


China’s driving bearer China Mobile has apparently affirmed that Samsung’s up and coming Samsung Galaxy S7 leader cell phone, which has as of now been the subject of bunches of gossipy tidbits of late, will be propelled in March one year from now. The affirmation came amid a late occasion in the nation when the bearer was exhibiting its guide for the coming months.

The photo above was taken amid the previously stated China Mobile occasion and subtle elements the transporter’s guide for the coming months. A few cell phones have been said alongside their cost range, including the Huawei P9 and the Samsung Galaxy A5/A7, however clearly, the highlight is the Samsung Galaxy S7.

As should be obvious from the highlighted area, the SGS7 is recorded in the third segment from the left comparing with March 2016, and of course, the terminal sits in the >3,000 Yuan cost range (first column). No different subtle elements have been uncovered. Spec-wise, past gossipy tidbits implied at a magnesium frame, propelled highlights including a 32-bit Stereo D/A converter from ESS Technology, and the likelihood that Samsung might have spent significantly a greater amount of its time and assets into refining the TouchWiz client involvement with the assistance of Google’s product engineers. In any case, what we’re sure of is that the lead will be fueled by the Snapdragon 820 and the new Exynos 8890.

So are you guys get ready for this upcoming flagship of Samsung galaxy S7?

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